Island of Saints and Scholars

Island of Saints and Scholars

Made up of a number of different centres with one main theme, the Island of Saints and Scholars in Derryvane, Co. Donegal is a complex specifically built to provide a tranquil space in which people can relax in a retreat-like atmosphere.

Concerned with the spiritual and emotional well-being of its visitors, the IoSS is a community project with a difference, and contains three major features:

The Sanctuary: Developed in 2010 to provide residential and conference amenities, The Sanctuary offers facilities for retreatants and community groups and is the most recent addition to the Island. It allows the individuals or groups, particularly those affected by the Troubles, to come together in a safe space to share their stories and to participate in dialogue and programmes that will build compassion and empower them to move on.

Acorn Projects: Providing therapuetic work for residents and supplying local eateries with fresh produce, the Acorn Projects is an organic produce scheme to help residents relax through manual tasks.

Columba Community: Established in 1981 under the direction of Father Neal Carlin, the work of this Basic Christian Community is prayer, counsel and reconciliation. In its 30-year life, they have worked with prisoners, community groups of all creeds, those struggling with addiction issues and more recently, young people. The Columba Community continue to address the legacy of the Troubles by providing outreach centres encouraging people to participate in programmes that will help those affected by the conflict.

The Complex also provides a gift shop, diner, meeting and dining space for visitors while the gift shop offers a variety o products, some handmade by the residents of White Oaks Rehabilitation Centre, also part of the Island.


Prayer Garden IOSAS

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