Ness Woods

Ness Woods

Hidden away in a the glens of the Burntollet River lies Ness Woods, an area of unspoiled natural beauty. Built up of of over 55 hectares of mixed woodland with seven kilometres of nature and riverside paths, Ness Woods provides stunning scenery just south-west of the city centre.

With a new purpose built visitors centre, the park is the perfect place for a day out, with picnic tables, wildflowers and wildlife ponds throughout. For nature lovers, the visitors centre provides a wealth of knowledge, as visitors find out more about their local environment and an interesting exhibition on woodland biodiversity.

Playing host to one of Northern Ireland’s largest waterfalls, which also has its own historical significance as the last-ditch escape for local ‘Robin Hood’ character Shane O’Mullan – O’Mullan jumped the waterfall and narrowly escaped capture despite a broken leg, but was later caught and hanged for his crime.

And in other respects, Ness is famous for more than just waterfall escapes, having been voted one of the most romantic places in Britain by Mills & Boon.

Ness Woods Derry

Ness Woods Derry

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